annick leroy

(born in 1951)

annick leroy représentée par la Galerie Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski à honfleur


Contemporary figurative sculptor Annick Leroy, born in 1951, is above all attracted by movement. The contemporary aspect is highlighted by the staging: decomposition of the movement of a symphony, bodies in force and effort, body suspended in space, or by the choice of emotions: fawn woman on a stool … Annick Leroy does not like the object body, she seeks intensity and emotion without flaunting the flesh, she represents the individual in his nudity. The movement of attitude bodies captured “on the fly” and the expressiveness of the faces of human comedy.

The life captured and produced by each sculpture of Annick Leroy is born of emotion and is magnified in the movement that the artist will sometimes break down into a series of attitudes snatched as if to better restore their purity. Tragic, pathetic or funny figures of human comedy….

Powerful and stylized works with a strong emotional charge,

Works that are beautiful to look at and always hit the essential.