christophe miralles

(born in 1938)

” You are covered in stains of Man”

A. Breton

christophe miralles représenté par la Galerie Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski à honfleur


The characters of Christophe Miralles, with postures of a nobility bordering on intimidation, aware of a humanity on borrowed time, take part in the motionless carousel of flesh which melts before regenerating itself. Juries of peers, themselves life-tested and therefore quite unfit to judge, able simply to testify, to assist. Stations between contemplation and communion, a silent consultation, complicit and devoid of sanction, moved faces solemnly sharing the unspeakable aspect of human experience, in the face of rupture, the need to live.

Of these depths of the soul, what remains in short when, in life, in the image, bodies complement each other, faces come to life, when the conscious imposes masks? In front of the works, we return to our naked, total wealth, a visit to the backbone of our feelings. We are invited to participate in the search for a simple but fundamental truth, which welcomes the power of light, of color, without saving pain.