Emile sabouraud


“Actor and witness of the XX th Century”

Emile Sabouraud représenté par la galerie Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski à Honfleur


“The one who calls himself “A man of flesh, heart and spirit” firmly chose the French Realism to which he gave an uninterrupted reach, driven by what was essential to him, the paint. A painting he apprehends in the tactile substance of all things placed under the light, which tightens the unbreakable ties he formed with the Earth, the seasons, the pristine beauty of it, all catalysts for his enchanting harmonies’ colors and vibrancy.
Danielle Bourdette-Gorzkowski, 2020

“If one word could summarized the vocation he embraced with both its pains and joy, its hopes and dreams, it would be Gluttony.  A word whose meaning carries flavor, but beyond the fragrance it suggest, it awakens mirages Nature usually reserves to its lovers, always willing to surrender like a beauty’s promise with its truth and kindness. A true and genuine calling was needed to keep the vital spark both spontaneous and unconscious all through a nearly hundred-year-old life, an impulse that reactivates his enthusiastic discoveries of the world, creatures and art, which will accompany and nourish his first creations, his constant self-examination, questioning, concerns, doubts constantly rejected by his imperious need to paint. From torment to the most thoughtful mirth, from doubt to the most sensitive fervor, Sabouraud maintained with constancy his native qualities, scandalously conventional and audacious in his quest for “a possessive, violent and schematic painting, sometimes fresh and vivid colors, and sometimes a hatched monochrome mix, bold and shaded (…) render all the soul’s colors, from melancholy to cheerfulness, from tenderness to a wild lyricism.”
Lydia Harambourg