Christmas Exhibition

Emile, André, Bernard & the others

December 4th 2021 until January 9th 2022

Emile SABOURAUD (1900-1996)

He who presents himself as a “man of flesh, heart and mind” has resolutely chosen the realism of French expression to which he has given an uninterrupted influence, pushed towards what was essential for him, painting.”

Lydia Harambourg

Extract from Sabouraud : je serai peintre, 2020

Monography available at the Gallery

Bernard MOUGIN (1918-2002)

After the cubist period of the fifties, made of sharp edges and stretching of the bodies, follows a return to classicism in the purity and the tension of the forms. From working the earth to direct carving, his hands, out of the ordinary, have always known how to sublimate the architecture of the human body with elegance and nobility.

Danielle Bourdette-Gorzkowski

André BEAUCE (1911-1974)

His reflective canvases, felt, but above all freed from any system, are of a percussive sound. The tones, always very mounted, are opposed with force in a composition cut with vigor.

Danielle Bourdette-Gorzkowski

Nikolaï DRONNIKOV (né en 1930)

Since his arrival in Paris in 1972, Nikolai Dronnikov has had a particular affection for snow landscapes, not to mention Honfleur and some very beautiful portraits of dissidents from the USSR.

Danielle Bourdette-Gorzkowski

Christian CAILLARD




Georges André KLEIN