« MOUGIN from Fathers to Sons » | DECEMBER 17TH 2022 – JANUARY 29TH 2023

«MOUGIN from Fathers to Sons»

Joseph Mougin (1876-1961)
Bernard Mougin (1918-2002)
Brice Mougin (1947-2022)

DECEMBER 17TH 2022 – JANUARY 29TH 2023 

There are families where talent seems hereditary. This is the case of the Mougin family where Joseph (1876-1961), a famous ceramist of the Nancy School, wrote one of the most beautiful pages of French ceramics.

From the naturalism of Art Nouveau to the beauty of his last abstract works, Joseph never ceased to carry a hymn to the earth and to enamel, joined at the end of his life by his children Odile and Bernard. It is this third child, Bernard (1918-2002), who, at the age of three, began to knead clay, leaving us this moving little rabbit that accompanied him throughout his life.

From the monumental to the intimate, Bernard Mougin, winner of the Prix de Rome in 1946, expresses the stylization and stretching of bodies in a faceted work throughout the 1950s and 1960s before returning to classical figuration in the mid-1970s.

“I owe this passion for art to my father, a ceramist of the Nancy School. He expressed it in his sculptures, in the shapes of his vases and especially in his enamels magnified by fire…

He taught me to refuse any easy way out and to look at nature as well as the things of life… With respect and with all my heart, I dedicate all my work to him”.

Bernard Mougin

It is also in the years 1970-1980 that Brice (1947-2022), his eldest son, begins to express his artistic talents. After attending the Julian Academy and graduating from the Decorative Arts, Brice Mougin was noticed for his sense of visual impact, graphic line and his shocking formulas. Since 1982, major national and international companies entrust him with their advertising campaigns and this until the 21st century: Jacomo, Nikon, Kickers, Panasonic, Gras Savoie, etc.