July 22th TO September 10th 2023

Christophe Ronel was born in Rouen in 1964, and was introduced to painting at an early age by his painter father, Marcel Laquay.

Ronel has a degree in plastic arts and has taught at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Métiers d’Arts Olivier de Serres in Paris since 1990.

Bénédicte Vallet graduated from the Beaux arts de Nantes in 1995 with a degree in Design and Environments. In 2005, she took up throwing and high-temperature enamelling at the international ceramics training centre. She works with porcelain and textiles (hemp and linen).



“Painting would be like a journey, a voyage through life, time and places, dreams and visions, a voyage through oneself, a peregrination from one elsewhere to another.


It would have the slow, powerful rhythm of the great rivers, following its course inexorably through unsuspected lands whose silt it would carry.


My territories are situated at the confluence of two currents: that of the proliferating imagination, resurgent from childhood, enamelled with images, readings, stimulated by collected objects, that of wandering and encounters, between India and Africa, between America and the Far East, halfway between travelled and fantasised journeys, nourished by my archives of sketches, notes and notebooks on nature, indispensable quests in the field.”


Christophe RONEL


Between the mineral and the aquatic, the bony and the coral, on the edge of life, between species and elements, this sculptural research is protean. They call on a primitive, buried memory common to all living things. Depending on the angle from which they are viewed, these multi-faceted ceramics are sometimes evocative of animals, sometimes of plants… These luminous sculptures are mostly floating, and reveal an extraordinary bestiary composed of coral motifs… The weaving of hemp and natural fibres in these works, which are partly composed of natural elements, seems to give life to a modular organism that becomes an aesthetic plastic form. Bénédicte Vallet‘s work recomposes a porcelain biosphere, in which the pieces resonate together through the recurrence of certain motifs, but have their own sound-sounds when handled…”.


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