YVonne guegan

(1915 - 2005)

“The subject is only a pretext for colors”

Yvonne GUEGAN représentée par la Galerie Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski à honfleur


Passionate and gifted artist, Yvonne Guégan often travelled away from Normandy both through her plastic researches and through journeys. Nevertheless, after each enlightening experience, she came back relentlessly to her home region. She even participated to the rebuilding of Caen, devastated by WWII, taking her part in some of the most ambitious and monumental post-war projects.

Simultaneously painter, ceramist, sculptor… Yvonne Guégan stands out regarding her exceptional contribution to Normand’s artistic heritage. Vivid and bright colors from her paintings and watercolors, the humor from her ceramics and drawings, the rhythm and strength of her monumental artworks give away the generous vision of a talented artist, resolutely modern, in both her style and freedom of expression. 

Freedom is what undeniably defines this woman with an amazing creative vigor: freedom in her painting, freedom from galleries, freedom from pictorial movements, freedom in her life… Her extraordinary strength of character and deeply rooted convictions undeniably marked a whole generation of artists and a whole region.

Even if she often experiences opposition and misunderstanding from her contemporaries, she has no regrets, for Yvonne art is “a gesture of love, an act of generosity or mutiny” this state of mind will guide her during her entire life.