YVonne guegan

(1915 - 2005)

“The subject is only a pretext for colors”

Yvonne GUEGAN représentée par la Galerie Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski à honfleur


A talented and passionate artist, Yvonne Guégan has often travelled far from Normandy in the course of her artistic research. But after each of these enriching experiences, she tirelessly returned to her home region. She also sketched the Caen ravaged by the Second World War and took part in the ambitious monumental works of Caen’s post-war reconstruction.


A painter, ceramist and sculptor, Yvonne GUÉGAN is an outstanding figure in terms of her contribution to the artistic wealth of Normandy.

The bright, vivid colours of her oils and watercolours, the humour of her drawings and ceramics, and the rhythm and strength of her monumental works offer the generous vision of a talented artist, resolutely modern in both the style of her work and her freedom of expression.


Honest and uncompromising, Yvonne GUEGAN’s pictorial approach is a quest for self-realisation, far from the media and the courtiers.


 Her work is not that of a trend, but that of a frank, direct and powerful personality.


Free is what unquestionably characterises this astonishingly dynamic woman: free in her painting, free in her dealings with galleries, free in her pictorial movements, free in her life as a woman…

A woman of character and conviction, her work and her personality have undeniably left their mark on a whole generation of artists and a whole region. Although she sometimes came up against the incomprehension of her contemporaries, she had no regrets, because for Yvonne, art was “a gesture of love, a generous act or an act of revolt”. And this state of mind would nourish her entire life…


Without complacency for others or for herself. She expresses what she feels. 


Mischievous in her ceramics, gestural in the spontaneity of her gouaches and watercolours, observant in her portraits, or refined in her landscapes, after fifty years of creation she retains the same ardour, the same appetite, the same respect that inhabited her in the early days.