“Where are we going ?”

October 16th – November 28th 2021

Who are we? Where are we going? These distant questions of thirty years testify to the permanence of the painter’s questions: the eternal difficulty of the human struggle against the alienation of matter. Quest that will probably remain unanswered but always a pretext to deliver us the most beautiful pages of plastic expression which summon life and painting in the same impetus. “I would have to be able to paint like the stream is flowing”. Jacques Pasquier thus hopes to be able in a single gesture to free the subject’s line and keep the latter a living presence.

It only takes an imperceptible movement of thought to make a new canvas, this movement is essential to the life of a painting.

Jacques Pasquier, 1990

Jacques pasquier à la galerie danielle bourdette gorzkowski
Jacques pasquier à la galerie danielle bourdette gorzkowski

The job of a painter, of a poet, is to manage to express what there is in him but also to help extract what there is in us. Art is a possibility of an undefined message, an unconventional but poetic symbol, which says things without explaining them, in a state of flux, in the possible of the impossible. The technique only allows them to be communicated. And Jacques Pasquier wants to communicate. He uses all the techniques for that.

Martine Baransky

Jacques Pasquier et le livre

Catalogue de l’exposition Jacques Pasquier et le livre – Bibliothèque de Caen – avril mai 94

I would like it to be given to whoever looked at all my paintings in their order of creation, the trial and error, the failures, the successes, the errors, the periods of discouragement and the periods of awakening, the hesitations as much as the daring; but that everywhere life is present precisely because of this, and that the approach towards a destination can be felt.

Jacques Pasquier, 1964

Jacques pasquier à la galerie danielle bourdette gorzkowski

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