serge labegorre

(born in 1932)


Serge Labégorre is considered one of the greatest living French expressionists. Born near Bordeaux in 1932, suffering from a serious illness as a teenager that plunged him into painting, the one who exhibited all over the world also has his roots in Béarn and the Basque Country. In the works of Serge Labégorre, the strength of the drawing immediately commands attention. The line is sure, unambiguous, the gaze is lively, penetrating, determined and the black background that surrounds it, far from engulfing it, further enhances its determination. There is no despair in the work of Serge Labégorre, only the strength to overcome and restore human beings to all their nobility. This exhibition also offers the opportunity to explore landscapes that are not often highlighted in this eminent painter of the figure, the faces and the gaze. The treatment of the landscape is anything but anecdotal, as its representation of nature and places of life is always marked by the same power of lines and colors. The opportunity to discover an unusual side of this talented artist. 


Arts Magazine International n°22 Nouvelle Série – January – February 2019