“L’Art est un Titanic où l’on ne connait pas sa classe”

June 4th – July 17th 2022

Jean-Yves Gosti: a precious and singular alloy of strength and fragility, the very stamp of the sculptor, of an art that does not quibble. If life sometimes turns out to be a tragedy that can make you smile, this artist’s creation willingly borrows the traits of a protean and shared humanity, alternately burlesque or intensely dramatic.

Armelle Bajard
29 septembre 2010

“Gosti’s work is inseparable from man, from the adventurer in love with life. The purchase of his first blocks of black marble in Belgium directs his path that a providential compass will never deviate despite the interruptions. The sculpture is riveted to the body.”

Lydia Harambourg
La Gazette Drouot
N°30, 11/09/2015

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