George-andré klein

(1901 - 1992)

georges-andré klein représenté par la Galerie Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski à honfleur


Full-fledged traveling painter, Georges André Klein gives us the shock of successive emotions. Portraits of desert women, traditions from the depths of the Maghreb, Taroudant, Boussaâda, so many faces loaded with gravity in a decor of wrought ironwork, ornate fabrics, mosaics and jewelry.

Painting for him has always been a deep commitment, mixing drama and joy, the drama of confessing completely in a work without ulterior motives, without granting the slightest concession to the taste of the moment, without giving way a little to fashion.

“Having received the North Africa Prize in 1939, G.A. Klein stayed in Algeria during the war years, in particular in Oran, where he exhibited often, and in southern Algeria at Ghardaïa. “*

Returning to France in 1945, he left for Morocco again in 1952 then stayed in Italy and Spain with Caillard. In 1958, he made his second trip to Madagascar where he met his wife Victoire in Amboasary. 

*Extract from “The Algeria of Painters” by Marion Vidal-Bué