Fanny ferré

(born in 1963)

“A work born from the earth and anchored in our humanity”

Fanny Ferré représentée par la Galerie Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski à honfleur


The humanity in the land of Fanny Ferré (born in 1963) is ours. This student of Jeanclos works chamotte clay without reinforcement, using the columbine technique. It mixes clay with earths of different colors assembled in the mass. Without any preparatory drawing, she mounts her characters by additions until they bring them to life. Isolated, in a group, his figures are nomadic, surprised in their daily activities, at work, playing, at rest, ready to resume an interrupted, silent walk. They do not belong to any era or continent. Familiar, dressed in rags, they have the fragility of clay belied by their presence, from which emanates an energy breathed by a disturbing realism. The thousand degree firing and the use of bronze casting give her sculptures a cachet of eternity. Its characters belong to a world from before history, which overwhelms us with its truth. Expressions of sadness and hope reflect our own torments. The faces are prominent, serious, the eyes closed or tense, the lips swollen, the hair stuck together like the fabrics draped and floating on the skin; a people of misery and greatness are moving towards their destiny.

Lydia Harambourg – Art historian