| Jérôme Delépine | Lucie Geffré | Christophe Blanc |

| April 16th – May 29th 2022 |

Three humanities translated by three universes offer themselves to your gaze in the same attempt at communion. Christophe Blanc, Jérôme Delépine and Lucie Geffré, through different paths, come together in the same desire to express the essential: the intricacies of the human soul. 

Christophe Blanc’s work, often close to derision and irony, is peopled with individuals, laid bare in hedonistic tables or choirs in unison. Beyond appearances, the painter delivers to us, in a flawless line, with tenderness and compassion the hidden part of Man, in a strikingly accurate chiaroscuro. 

Another chiaroscuro, that of Jérôme Delépine takes us into an imaginary world made of poetry and light. Despite failing visual acuity, Jérôme Delépine entered painting as one enters religion, daily handling the use of glazes, replacing books with music. Animated by the great characters of literature, such as Don Quixote whom he particularly likes, he goes on an adventure to develop the archetypes of a figurative classicism into a truly contemporary work. 

As for Lucie Geffré, thanks to a set of portraits, always borrowing from a certain form of gravity, she shares with us her vision of humanity: proud, vulnerable, restrained, fragile. Everything is silence and if sometimes a dog or a goat interfere in this gallery of portraits, it is in their touch of extreme delicacy that they question us about human strangeness. 

Three beautiful artists, united by the same authenticity, to be discovered.



There is no question for him of stopping at what would only be an image painting, stupidly illustrative and devoid of background. On the contrary, the image is for him only a pretext, certainly necessary but not sufficient, allowing to create the link between the spectator and the more mysterious but this time essential part that must contain any painting to aspire to the status of work of art.


We are with Lucie Geffré in an art that excludes the easy effect and the noise that attracts gratuitously. One senses there the ever more precise search for feeling and truth, if one takes this last word in the sense of accuracy and authenticity: this requirement is unusual enough today to be noted.


The characters of Christophe Blanc are pieces of humanity, by their presence they question us about what we are doing with our world, with our life. It goes deep within us and within themselves.

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